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Just a Brief History.

Me, the founder of this project und the only member to date was born and raised in a small town in germany which should remain unknown to the rest of the world but became very famous due to a very old castle built by an emperor in the middle ages.

I got my first guitar at the age of 10 and I am still checking out how to play it. I started writing and recording songs at the age of 15, using two cheap little tape recorders. In those days I began to listen to bands like Pink Floyd, Genesis or Yes. Those heroes opened up horizons for me. I really liked the melange of the dynamic arrangements, dramatic chord progressions mixed with a lyrical content that was far behind of what could be heard in the charts in those days. A little bit later I discovered Jazz, Blues, Folk and.........Frank Zappa.

It is a fact that I played in a Punk Band at the age of 16 only for a short time. At the age of 22 me and a couple of other guys founded the band "Lamia". This was my first progressive rock band I played in. I was the guitar player and we were mainly covering stuff by Genesis or Emerson Lake & Palmer but also did our first attempts writing our own material. Unfortunately we didn't have much success and I quit the band in 1994, still dreaming of recording my own songs. It is absolutely true that I started playing drums in 1995 and one year later I returned to my old band as their new drummer. We constantly wrote our own songs and played in small clubs. One studio album and a couple of live-CDs were produced during that time. The band self destructed in 1999. In between I played in some other bands as a drummer but those connections always didn't last very long.....

After a short, dark period in my life I began to write songs and record them using a 4-track tape recorder and a computer. This was the time when "Projection" was born and shortly after the first album "Time Flies" was released. From this time on I have fully concentrated on writing and recording songs. Luckily, I was able to spread my little brainchilds to a small and still increasing group of true listeners. Over the years I have developed my experiences in songwriting, recording and producing. Besides I have constantly upgraded my recording devices with no end in sight.......

Yes I'm a music junkie.

It's true that the tone of my answering machine is really in f-sharp.

People say that I'm a capricious kind of guy.

I'm able to cook a three course dinner by having four different kinds of vegetable and a microwave oven.



 Time Flies (released 1999)

Bad experiences have led to this album. It was my first one and the beginning of "Projection". It deals with issues such as the loss of a friend, broken relationships and disillusion. It is a dark album, in most parts presented through a guitar, an electric bass and a drum box.

 Touch (released 2000)

This album reflects a more positive vibe than its predecessor. The songs tell stories of surreal dreams, the unimportance of material things, sex without love and the aftermath of a broken love affair. The arrangements of the songs are much more diverse in comparison to the first album and the improvement of the sound quality on this album is quite audible.                                                                                                        One Of Three Kinds (released 2001)

The first unassertive look into the progressive-rock corner with the 21-minute title track. The album also features a coverversion of the Spock's Beard Song "Waste Away".  

  Book of Dreams (released 2002)

Altough the album takes a step further to the "progressive" direction, some other musical styles can be heard on this album such as swing or blues. For the first time a real drum set was used which opened up the opportunities for arranging the songs. Furthermore this album is the first attempt to create some kind of "concept" behind the songs and the album: All songs are connected through different chapters which accumulate the "Book of Dreams".

  Metamorphosis (released 2003)

"Metamorphosis" is a real concept album about regression hypnosis and what you can experience while you are hypnothized. The core of the album consists of a 25-minute track. The story's protagonist experiences a whole lifetime within a few minutes, while having a hypnosis session. Afterwards he truly believes he knows everything about the meaning of life.

  Behind the Cellar Door (released 2004)

During the recording of this album my mother died and this traumatic event had an enormous influence on the music and lyrics of this recording. Some of the songs are very sad but a spark of hope can also be noticed throughout the songs. This album comes in a very strong progressive outfit, consisting of dynamic arrangements, sometimes catchy melodies incorporated with extensive instrumental explorations.

  A Brief History 1999-2005 - re-recorded (released 2006)

At the end of 2004 I began to re-record some of the old songs from the previous albums since I was not complete satisifed with the arrangements and the sound quality on some of the recordings. It was hard to decide which songs should made it on the album. The list of songs got longer and longer and at the end I recorded everything on that list.

Finally a 140 minute Double-CD hit the streets reflecting the best material from 6 albums newly arranged with clearer sound. It is the most successful Projection album to date, artistically and relating to the number of sold copies.

Over the years I fortunately had several oppertunities to participate on records of other great artists or providing own songs to song collection samplers mostly of beneficial character. Here's the listing:

  Various Artists - A Flower Full Of Stars   (released 2011)

The Musea label and the Colossus fanzine created an album in four CDs, tailor-made for the excellency of famous progressive rock band THE FLOWER KINGS with 41 Artists from 18 different countries including myself with a version of one of the most ambitious songs of the Kings named "Stardust We Are". The Box-Set comes with a beautifully designed 80 page Booklet. It's a really nice collectors item to have and all the music on this giant set is just great. Besides PROJECTION well known bands like PHAEDRA, FLAMBOROUGH HEAD, UNITOPIA or ARGOS have participated.

album can now be ordered through Amazon, Musea, JFK, or via Digital Download through Mindawn or Itunes.

  The Healing Road - Backdrop (released 2011)

This new release by Hanspeter Hess again consists in two long pieces of music. To create something different from the previous albums, the composer set some guidelines: less Piano sounds, less synthesizers, Moog or Hammond sounds... The album should have an acoustic, rural, pastoral atmosphere and contain as much acoustic instruments as he can get and play just as the old instrumental masterpieces made by Mike Oldfield, like OMMADAWN or TUBULAR BELLS. He asked me to play all the guitar parts as well as some tracks with electric bass which I did with lots of fun and true inspiration caused by this extraordinary composition. The album also features Roland Enders, performing the closing track, a folk-song written and sung by him.

The album comes with a nice booklet made by Mathias Klaiber featuring again some pictures of paintings made by Herbert Wanderer. It can now be ordered worldwide by Amazon, Musea Records or through the website of The Healing Road.

  Roland Enders & Friends - About Angst (released 2010)

This Double Concept Album by writer and musician Roland Enders features a song cycle inspired by one of the Brother Grimm's fairy tale "The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was" on which I participated as a singer on three tracks as well as taking the role of the associate producer. The album reflects a broad range of different musical styles such as classical music, folk and rock.

The second disc, named "Daydreamer" consists of different songs written by Roland Enders. It's a fantastic album and I feel very honoured that Roland has asked me to participate on this great project. The album comes in a beautifully designed digipack and can still be ordered on Roland Ender's website "Songs & Stories".

  The Haiti Projekt (released 2010)

Together with some of the world's greatest prog acts like Neal Morse or Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings) I have donated a special remix of the song "Inside" to this compilation which were produced to help the victims of the earthquake desaster at Haiti in January 2010. This downloadable album features 40 acts and songs and can be purchased directly through

"The Haiti Projekt"

  The Healing Road - Tales From The Dam (released 2009)

This is my third appearance on an album by The Healing Raod aka Hanspeter Hess. It is called "Tales From The Dam" and it consists of two 20 minutes parts which keep perfectly well the balance between dynamism and contemplative inspiration. Very diverse rythms, percussion and keyboard sounds, together with a strong, beautiful melodic work can be heard. Together with a bunch of other musicians I have provided bits with acoustic and electric guitar to this extraordinary composition of Hanspeter Hess who also did his excellent keyboard work on this record.

The first edition of this album has been released as a Vinyl/CD-Set, the artwork is fantastic and the music is absolutely awesome. The album has earned great reviews worldwide and can still be ordered at various places such as

Musea Records


The Healing Road Website

  The Healing Road - Timanfaya (released 2008)

"Timanfaya" is a concept album about the travels of Hanspeter Hess to the Isle Lanzarote. This album consist of  several instrumental progressive rock tunes which perfectly representing the colours, the atmosphere and the mood of this interesting place. I played bass and guitar on some of the songs and together with a great bunch of other guest musicians Hanspeter Hess once again proofed his awesome writing and playing skills. Andy Horn mixed and mastered the album. The painter Herbert Wanderer provided great paintings for the artwork.

This album has received very good reviews throughout the prog world and it can still be ordered at

Musea Records


The Healing Road Website

  The Bearded Project - Hope/Omid (released 2007)

This album was a huge efford to do. A lot of fine musicians of the german Spock's Beard Community produced this big double CD sampler of different songs in a wide variety of musical styles and they also came together (personally and through the internet) to record a 40 minute progressive rock epic named "Hope". I had the honor to produce and mix the track and I also sang, playd guitar, bass and additional keyboards on this track. Futhermore I have provided the song "It won't last forever" to this compilation.

All incoming money from the sale of this fine CD has been routed directly to the "German Aid for Afghan Children".This private organization has founded several so called Peace-Schools in this crisis region. To this day over 10,000 Euros have been collected and we are all very proud of it. The album can still be purchased, so if you want to do something for a good cause and listen to good music at the same time, here's the deal.

The album earned great reviews worldwide and is still available at following places:

The Bearded-Project-Website

Musea Records

  The Healing Road - s/t (released 2006)

Sometimes you are the witness of something extraordinary. In this case it was the birth of a very talented artist on CD. This is the debut album of the artist named Hanspeter Hess, who one day started his Homercording Project called "The Healing Road" (named after a book of the famous drummer of the Band "Rush", Neil Pert). This is his first attempt of writing and recording his own songs and put it on a CD and what a successful attempt it was ! The music is just fantastic, very emotional driven and very well composed and played. I'm proud to sing and play guitar, bass and additional keys on a track named "Espresso Bar". It was our first collaboration with more to follow in the upcoming years.....

This really nice designed Digipack is still available at


The Healing Road - Website

  The Lamia - Empires To Dust (released 1998)

Personally my first appearance on an album made by my first progressive rock band "The Lamia". Even the album is not availalbe anymore some great memories are connected with the recording of this piece of music and it was the initial start for me as an recording artist and ambitious musician. I guess without this album "Projection" would not exist.

The members of Lamia were:

  • Katja Bill: Vocals 
  • Dominik Hüttermann: Keyboards, Synthesizer, Percussion
  • Ingo Wolff: Electric and Acoustic Guitars
  • Harald Schuster: Electric Bass
  • Thommy Frank: Drums, Percussion, Backround Vocals, Guitar