Approximately Wrong
A Taste Of Lies
The bowl of glass is shattered now.....
The story behind "Mimicry - An Imagination In Two Acts"

Everything that we perceive, remember, feel and learn, what and how we talk and even who we are and what we like is originated from something deep inside of us. It is modified and driven by our lifetime experiences since we did our first breath on earth. All changes of our mentality, our experiences of pain, agony, strength, laughter, lust and love are like engrams which constantly change our mentality just like the look and the ambience of a big city. The city itself represents your own life and the people living in this city symbolizes your different kinds of your personality.


Take Cloud for example. He's a very likeable, emphatic and emotional guy with some extraordinary mental talents. He lives in your city for quite a while with 4 good friends enjoying life. Every one of those 5 friends enjoys life in its own special ways. Needless to say that everything would have turned out very well if Cloud hadn't met this wonderful angel with long hair and green eyes, who dances the whole day long in this old shabby jazz club. Of course Cloud falls in love with this angel just right from the get-go.

This is the time when your emotional center begins to glow.

Cloud's friends, the rational Course and his buddy Cruz, short-tempered and strong, as well as Crazy, a very humorous pal, are forced to take the back seat for a while.... reluctantly so to speak. Unfortunately the liaison between Cloud and the Dancer turns out to be a kind of a one side affair because she prefers to dance with the more quiet and solitary Silence, another good friend of Cloud.

This is the time when your emotional center begins to suffer from anger and despair.

In a moment of disheartenment and annoyance Cloud finds himself in a bowl of glass, isolated from the city, disconnected from his friends, alone and anxious. In an act of desperation he uses his mental power and destroys the bowl. All of a sudden all people disappear from the city, except for his friends who apply a drug to him fearing he would commit suicide once he realizes what he has done.

This is the time when your emotional center is full of disbelief and emptiness.

From this time on Cloud believes his friends are the people of the city and they continue to submit their own Mimicry to him, just to protect themselves, the city and their good friend.

This is the time when your emotional center is deceived and cheated.

This community of friends need to find a way out of this situation. This is the time when your emotional center is full of questions with no answers available.

Snippets from the new album:

 (tentantive cover artwork)

You can listen to snippets from the new album here. A Flashplayer is needed to see and play the tracks. You can get one if you follow this link.

  Mimicry - part one (excerpt)

  Confession (full version)

  Metanoia (excerpt)

  City of Love (full version)

  Inside (excerpt)

  A Taste of Lies (excerpt)

  Mimicry - part two (excerpt)

  Blame (excerpt)

  The Road (excerpt)

You can also listen to full versions of three tracks from the album at the "Bearded Artist Network (B.A.N.)".

Tracklist and ordering information:

The 2-Disc-Set comes in a beautifully designed 8-page Digipak together with a 34-page booklet created by Matthias Klaiber. The double-album features 19 tracks with a running time of nearly 140 minutes.

Some wonderful guest musicians contributed some bits to this album, e.g. Hanspeter Hess aka "The Healing Road", Roland Enders and Markus Roth, Kai Heyrock on guitar and Jogi Kriesbach on the Saxophone. 

The pre-ordering for this album will start soon. All information how you can order "Mimicry - An Imagination in Two Acts" will be made available on this page as soon as possible.