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What you can find here is a collection of interesting links to places of the virtual world.

I am of course not responsible for any contents linked or referred to from his page. If any damage occurs by the use of information presented there, only the author of the respective pages might be liable, not the one who has linked to these pages.

You can find me and my music at following places:



The Bearded Artist Network (B.A.N.):

This network has been founded by members/musicians of "The Bearded-Online Community". The intension of this network is to present the music of all members through all members of this network.

Please take your time to listen to the tracks of the artists listed below. If you don't see the playlists you need a Flashplayer to see and play the tracks. You can get one here.

A lot of fine music is waiting to be discovered by you, so get B.A.N.-ned !


Miscellaneous Stuff:

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  The Bearded - German Fan Community dedicated to the american progressive rock band "Spock's Beard".

The Bearded's Project - A musical project formed by several members of the "The Bearded" - Community. The achivement was a double album entitled "Hope|Omid". You can still order this fine CD. Please check out the website of this project.

Songs & Stories - Very interesting website about the different projects of  the german musician, songwriter and author Roland Enders.

The Healing Road - A great studio project of songwriter and keyboard player Hanspeter Hess. His prog-rock tunes are really awesome, check them out !

Claus Flittiger - His music is a melange of progressive rock, fusion and jazz. Great stuff to hear.

Marquette - A great keyboardist and music composer is presenting his diverse music inspired by different styles such as jazz, fusion and of course progrock.

Klaiber-Design - The offical homepage of my artwork designer and photographer Matthias Klaiber. His work is really awesome - visible to the naked eye.

Metal 1 info - German online magazine with reviews, interviews and tourdates from the metal scene.

Land of Beginning Again - German Fan Community of the great american progressive rock songwriter/musician Neal Morse.

Yarik - The pictures taken by this talented guy have been very inspiring to my work. Some of them were used for the artwork of my new album and my website.

Spock's Beard - Official website of the american progressive rock legend.

Marillion - British artrock legend. This band has been one of my main influences. I love them, really.

The Flower Kings - Offical website of the retroprog institution from sweden.

Ben Folds - American Singer/Songwriter with some good taste in putting harmonies and melodies together without forgetting the sense of humor !

Pain of Salvation - Swedish progmetal band with extraordinary songs lead by a fabulous singer and guitarist. Their albums are awesome and intense.

The Beatles - A yet unknown band from liverpool ;-)

Genesis - Their history spans a bow from prog to pop and they are still around !

Porcupine Tree - Another influence to my music. This british band knows how to combine hard riffing with beautiful melodies in a very sophisticated way.

Abba - This swedish cult band showed everyone how to compose and play the perfect pop song. I love them.

Yes - This basement complex of progressive rock is still around and active.

Neal Morse - Official website of the american progressive rock songwriter and musician.

Babyblaue Seiten - This german page contains hundreds of reviews of albums from the world of progressive-rock.