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Approximately Wrong
A Taste Of Lies
I woke up from a bad dream.....
Welcome !

A lot of things have changed on my website, in fact mostly everything. The language, colors, luminace, shades, well you will get the picture as you explore this site with it's (hopefully) interesting surprises and gimmicks I have build in for your reading pleasure. The reason for this refreshment is simple:

The recording of my new Double-Concept-Album "Mimicry - An Imagination in Two Acts" has almost been finished !!!

The Album is currently at the mastering stage. The artwork is also put together these days and this website will show you what you can expect from it or what you will see and hear, once the album is available. So, please stay here for a while and make yourself comfortable.

Thank you.

Latest News:

  • (12/27/11)

    Dear Listener !

    Another release by The Healing Road has hit the streets and is now available through Itunes only. The EP "Ten Days In March" consist of two instrumental pieces with a more darker vibe.  The story to the album and the names of the contributing musicians besides myself can be read here. Please check out this album.

    We are nearly at the end of this year and I would like to thank all the listeners and visitors of this page and all facebook friends, especially DJ Brian and M.O of aiiradio.net for their tremendeous support. My appreciation also go to Hanspeter Hess, Frank Martens, Roland Enders, Matthias Bernhard, Matthias Klaiber, Jogi Kriesbach, Karl Humbug, Jürgen Bornemann  - to name a few !

    We all should have a great new Year, the best amount of peace on earth and more music to come, to listen to and to love.

  • (12/09/11)

    Hi Foks !

    Another broadcast on radio of  "Mimicry - An Imagination In Two Acts" will take place on Sunday, Dec 10th 11:00 o'clock PM (CET). Airradio.net wil broadcast CD 1 of  the album during "DJ Brian's Sunday Superlative" Radio Show. Please tune in via http://aiiradio.net/ and join me in the chat @ http://chat.aiiradio.net/ during the live show.

  • (11/13/11)

    Breaking News ;-)

    Mark your calendars and set the alarm clock to ensure you won't miss the world premiere broadcast on radio of  "Mimicry - An Imagination In Two Acts". On Sunday, Nov 20th 11:00 o'clock PM (CET) Airradio.net wil broadcast the whole album. Please tune in via http://aiiradio.net/ and join me in the chat @ http://chat.aiiradio.net/ during the live show. I'm looking forward to talking to all of you, so please don't miss it.

  • (06/08/11)

    Dear Visitor

    Two new releases with participations by me are waiting for you to be discovered. Musea Records, Colossus (and me of course!) proudly present the 4-Disc Box-Set  "A Flower Full Of Stars - A Tribute to the Flower Kings". The Musea label and the Colossus fanzine created an album in four CDs, tailor-made for the excellency of famous progressive rock band THE FLOWER KINGS with 41 Artists from 18 different countries including myself with a version of one of the most ambitious songs of the Kings named "Stardust We Are". The Box-Set comes with a beautifully designed 80 page Booklet. It's a really nice collectors item to have and all the music on this giant set is just great. Besides PROJECTION well known bands like PHAEDRA, FLAMBOROUGH HEAD, UNITOPIA or ARGOS have participated.

    This album can now be ordered through Amazon, Musea, JFK, or via Digital Download through Mindawn or Itunes.

    Furthermore another album has been released these days and I feel quite excited about it. It is named "Backdrop" and it was written and played by Hanpeter Hess aka THE HEALING ROAD. To create something different from the previous albums, the composer set some guidelines: less Piano sounds, less synthesizers, Moog or Hammond sounds... The album should have an acoustic, rural, pastoral atmosphere and contain as much acoustic instruments as he can get and play just as the old instrumental masterpieces made by Mike Oldfield, like OMMADAWN or TUBULAR BELLS. He asked me to play all the guitar parts as well as some tracks with electric bass which I did with lots of fun and true inspiration caused by this extraordinary composition. The album also features Roland Enders, performing the closing track, a folk-song written and sung by him.


    You can order this fine CD through Amazon, Musea or as a downloadable album from Itunes, so please don't miss it !

  • (12/23/10)

    The last couple of months I have recorded lots and lots of guitar tracks for the new Album by The Healing Road. It is called "Backdrop" and it is set to be released early 2011. If you know the great 70s instrumental albums by Mike Oldfield, like Tubular Bells or Ommadawn for example, you will probably get a picture of how it will sound like. I am once again thrilled to be part of Hanspeter Hess outstanding recordings and cant't wait for the release of this extrordinary piece of music.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the year 2010 has nearly reached it's end and I'm thankful for all the musical and personal experiences I was lucky to make throughout the year. It has been a great year! I wish all my listeners, visitors of this website, friends and fans a wonderful Christmas and a great year 2011 with lots of cool Projection stuff to come - You'll see !  

  • (09/20/10)

    The Discography has been updated  with a list of my participations on albums made by other artists. Check it out ! 

  • (07/24/10)

    Some great news dear fans and friends in progland!

    I am back in the studio again and recording a special de-constructed version of the masterpiece "Stardust We Are" of the very famous Prog Band "The Flower Kings". This song will be featured on a 4-CD-Set "A Flower Full Of Stars - A Tribute to the Flower Kings" released through Collossus/Musea later this year.

    The tricky instrumental parts are almost finished. The vocals and drum-parts should be done not later than mid-august.

    For more information about this great project, click here.

  • (04/04/10)

The Haiti Projekt

I would like to draw your attention to a benificial project called "The Haiti Projekt" which raises money for the victims of the Haiti earthquake disaster this January 2010. The Haiti Projekt is a compilation of 40 songs donated by famous and not-so-famous prog bands from around the globe. Together with some famous prog acts like Neal Morse, IZZ or Roine Stolt (Flower Kings) I have donated a special remix of the Projection-Song "Inside" to this compilation.

Please spread the word about this effort far and wide. You can purchase this great 4-hour-set (download only) of music on the official Haiti Projekt-Website by clicking on the banner above. All raised money will be routed directly to the Red Cross which helps people affected by disasters all around the world. Thank you very much !

  • (13/12/09) I am very pleased to announce the release of the album by a project called "Roland Enders & Friends". It is named "About Angst/Daydreamer". The album consist of two different discs. The first one is a progressive rock concept album inspired by one of Grimm's fairy tales: “The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was”. The second Disc, "Daydreamer", reflects a cycle of songs in a broad range of different musical styles, from folk to rock to classical music.

    I'm am very honored to sing on three of the tracks as well as taking the role as the associate producer among some other very talented musicans like Stefan Dittmar or Kai Heyrock and of course the writer and producer of the music, Roland Enders. The album sounds really nice and it comes in a beautifully designed Digipack and can be ordered worlwide directly on the "About Angst" - website. 3 Euros of every sold copy will be donated to the German section of Plan International. Plan is one of the largest child-centred community development organizations in the world, helping children and their families in 49 of the poorest countries to break the cycle of poverty. Please listen to the audio snippets and buy the album here.

  • (05/22/09) First of all I want to address my apologizes to all people who are waiting for the release of my new album. What I can say at this point of time that some problems related to time and logistics are currently delaying the mastering of the songs which means that the release date has to be postponed to june. I'm looking forward to have the album finished by this month. Thank you very much for your patience and please stay tuned for more information.

    Furthermore I would like to draw your attention to a great event named "Traumpfade Festival" which will take place between the 23th and 24th of may at Limbach/Germany. Please take a look at the website by following this link.

  • (03/06/09) The tracklist of the new album "Mimicry - An Imagination In Two Acts" is herewith officially announced and it reads as follows:  

Act one:

1. Overture: Mimicry (part one)

2. Inside

3. In-Between Mirrors

4. An Innocent Movement

5. Approximately Wrong

6. Confession

7. Silence

8. Love & Pride

9. Metanoia

10. Awaken

(running time: 67 min 20 sec.)

Act two:

1. Overture: Mimicry (part two)

2. Cloud's Lament

3. City of Love

4. This Silent Town

5. A Taste Of Lies

6. Blame

7. Cold Winds

8. The Road

9. Finally

(running time: 72 min 25 sec.)

The pre-ordering of the album will start soon, so stay tuned.....

  • (02/05/09) Launch of the new official Mimicry-website.

  • (02/03/09) I had the honor to play on the new album by "The Healing Road". It is called "Tales From The Dam" and it consists of two 20 minutes parts which keep perfectly well the balance between dynamism and contemplative inspiration. Very diverse rythms, percussion and keyboard sounds, together with a strong, beautiful melodic work can be heard. Together with a bunch of other musicians I have provided bits with acoustic and electric guitar to this recording. The album ( a LP/CD-Set !!) is distributed by Musea Records and can be ordered worlwide directly by Musea or via Amazon.

  • (12/30/08) I just did the finishing touches on the recording and mixing of the last song from the album called "The Road", it is a 16 minute progressive rock epic revisiting the musical themes of the album and closing the story musically and lyrically.

  • (11/28/08) Another song for "Mimicry" called "Cold Winds" is finished. It is mainly an acoustic piece of music with a Mellotron and a Theremin in the middlesection, telling how the 5 friends decide to leave the city since they have felt lost and alone while a cold wind is blowing through the empty streets and through the hearts of their loved ones.....

  • (11/01/08) Since a few days my little project is part of a new music community called "Rock Us". It is another internet portal where you can listen to new music of new artists and rank their songs. You can access my artist page there by following this Link.

  • (10/13/08) Projection is now part of the Myspace Community. You can enter my artist site by simply clicking this Link.

  • (10/01/08) A few songs from the album have almost entered the finishing stage. The second overture, named "Mimcry Part two" for example, which opens up the second CD has seen the light of day and is currently mixed. Another song called "Blame" is also in the works. Guitar parts and vocals have been added the last few days. Stay tuned...!

  • (09/05/08) Matthias Klaiber, a very talented photographer and graphic designer is taking care of the artwork for the album. This is a huge effort since the album needs a proper design to support the story and concept of this recording. You can get an impression of his work if you visit his website. Another good guy named Christoph Ruhland is providing most of the photos for the artwork and website. Please visit his website to see some of his awesome pictures. Thank you very much for your participation.

  • (08/08/08) It is done. Another song for "Mimicry" has been finished. It is called "A Taste Of Lies" and it features some "Gentle Giant"-Vocals, heavy guitars and a melancholic piano-section.More to come......

About Mimicry - An Imagination In Two Acts:

 (tentantive cover artwork)

Currently I'm working on my ambitious project to date, a 2 Disc-Progressive Rock-Concept Album named "Mimicry - An Imagination In Two Acts". It tells a story about friendship, love, hate, deception and self-deception of five friends living in a big city. Musically the album draws a bow from 70s Symphonic-Prog to soft melancholic parts seasoned with some contemporary elements.

My aim was to create a 140 minutes piece of work that feels like a feature film - just without the moving pictures.

I began the work on this album (my 8th one) in July 2007 and after nearly 17 months I am in the verge of having it almost completed. The album will be on the streets not later than March 2009 and it features some fine musicians and a lovely girl with an awesome voice who is taking part of the narrator.

The 2 disc-set will also feature an extensive artwork which helps the listener getting deeper into the story. The story itself is based on personal experiences. The music itself is taking advantage of the CD-format's capacity for longer, more complex compositions and extended instrumental explorations.

I would like to take the listener to a journey and you can learn more about this journey and the story if you crawl deeper into this website.

Some things about "Projection":
My Name is Thommy and "Projection" is my personal music project about the projection of personal lifetime experiences through the only tool I've ever learned to use: music.

Since 1999 I have created seven musical diaries. During this long period I was fortunately able to increase the number of listeners who were showing interest in my music. The lyrics are in most cases very personal and the music is influenced by Melodic Progressive Rock, Folk, New Art Rock, Psychedelic, Avangarde and sometimes by Singer/Songwriter-stuff or Jazz. In spite of all those influences I have tried to find my own style and hopefully I have developed some of my own trademarks during this long learning process.

I am recording my songs in my own little studio singing and playing all the instruments myself. The music itself is strictly handmade which hopefully preserves the "Life" and authenticity within the songs - and the errors, too ;-)

Please check out the sound samples, the biography and discography somewhere on this website.